Stewardship: How do you manage your gifts?

Most people when they hear the word "stewardship" think of money. Some might think of pledges and budgets. But what does that word "stewardship" really mean? It comes from the word steward and steward comes from the Old English stiward, stigweard "house guardian, housekeeper," from stig "hall, pen for cattle, part of the house." So a steward was a person who took care of the cattle pen or part of the house. Some might think parts of their house are like a cattle pen. But it is from this world that the Christians have come to understand steward as one who cares for everything that God has given to him or her. Part of that includes our money, but it is so much more. God has given us our bodies, our time, our talents, this planet earth, our relationships and the Gospel. Everything is a gift from God. How we manage it or take care of it is stewardship. I have heard one definition of stewardship as "everything we do after we say, I believe." It is a joyful response to a good and generous God who gives us all we need. Think about how you manage or take care of all the gifts God has given you. Do you do it joyfully?

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